The Office of County Clerk is very important not just because it keeps county records such as birth, marriage and death certificates as well as deeds, mortgages, and other records.  The County Clerk also serves as the Clerk of Election for all Monmouth and is involved with many important election activities.


These activities include receiving and verifying all petitions and nominations for county, local and school board elections.  The Clerk is responsible for conducting the official canvassing of votes, the collection of election results, and the certification of elections.  In addition, he or she is in charge of ballot design and preparation, including positioning of candidates on the ballot.


Build Trust in the Election Process


Because of these critical election duties, it is incumbent upon the County Clerk to conduct elections in a way as to NOT create distrust and doubts on the part of the public.  Unfortunately, in this year’s primary election, we saw a confusing ballot design that led to some voters’ ballots not being counted and mail-in ballots that were printed incorrectly and could not be scanned properly.  These ballots needed to be counted manually – leading to an unnecessary delay in election results.


Voting is a basic tenet of our democracy.   It is important that the election duties of the County Clerk be carried out openly and transparently.  If elected, I promise to conduct the Office of the County Clerk in such a manner.



Protect the Integrity of Our Voting Process


We all know that foreign interference with our elections continues to be a threat.  Many voting machines currently in use today are potentially vulnerable due to hacking and software manipulation.  As Americans, that pride ourselves on our democracy, it is vitally important that we ensure our votes are correctly cast and properly counted.  If elected, I will make it a priority to protect the integrity of the voting process. 


Avoid Actual or Appearance of Conflicts of Interest


As some of you may know, my opponent currently serves as the Vice-Chair of the Monmouth County Republican Organization and is, therefore, conflicted regarding the fulfilling of her duties as Monmouth County Clerk and her leadership position in the Monmouth County Republican operation.  While the County Clerk candidate can run on either the Democratic or Republican ticket, the elected Clerk is responsible for the fair and transparent election process for ALL candidates and voters and, therefore, needs to be apolitical.  I promise that while serving as County Clerk, I will not hold any leadership position in any County political organization to avoid any conflicts of interest or even the appearance of any conflicts of interest.