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Angela on Mail-in Ballots

How To Complete Your 2020 Mail-In Ballot

This November Presidential Election will be conducted primarily by mail-in ballots. This new instructional video will guide you through the process of completing your mail-in ballot to help ensure your vote gets counted.

Your actual ballot may be different from the one used by Angela for Asbury Park, her home town.  Many towns will have local candidates listed after County Clerk and Freeholder candidates.

See also our Nov. Election page in the menu above for more info and useful links.

Angela on the County Clerk Office

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​​•    To secure the idea that voting is a basic tenet of our democracy

•    To ensure an open, transparent and apolitical County Clerk Office

•    To protect the integrity of our election process

Online Voter Registration is Now Available

Sept. 4, 2020 - The new online voter registration website is now live!  You will need (a) a valid driver's license or a non-driver Identification Card or (b) a Social Security number.  Click on the link below to get started.

After you registered, be sure to apply for a mail-in ballot as soon as possible since the November election will be conducted primarily using mail-in ballot.

Confuse About the November Election?

We have a page full of infromation about how the November election will be conducted.  See  "Nov. Election" or click on the button below.